Working with Built on Bravery
Pay per Program – No Membership Fees

Everything starts with a free consultation with Andy Cameron or another Built on Bravery team member. This can be in person at the Built on Bravery facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, or it can be done virtually via Skype, Facetime or another video conferencing platform. All the programs offered through Built on Bravery are professional, scientifically-based fitness plans which offer realistic expectations and goals for each individual.

Free Consultation

Personal connection and individualized training is a big part of what Built on Bravery is all about. Before you sign up for any of our programs, we want to spend some time getting to know you better. The better we understand your goals and your challenges, the more effective we will be in recommending the right training for you. If for some reason, we think that Built on Bravery is not your best option, we won’t hesitate to say so. We don’t have a quota to meet. We are here to help athletes and, specifically, the special needs populations, to develop a lifestyle of wellness and top athletic performance. We will work with you to select the programs which will best help you become a better you.

Call us at (651) 955-2821 or email us via our contact page to schedule your free initial consultation.

Special Needs Populations Served

Down Syndrome Fitness

Fitness for Autistic Children

Adult Autistic Personal Training

Cerebral Palsy Fitness Training

Wellness & Fitness for Athletes

with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities