About Us – Why we exist

Built on Bravery –
Training for Special Needs Athletes

Built on Bravery applauds the many faithful special needs coaches who volunteer their time for these courageous athletes. Andrew Cameron, founder of Built on Bravery, has worked among them for over a decade. In spite of all that these selfless individuals do, for many special needs athletes there is still a gap that isn’t being addressed. Built on Bravery was created to fill that gap and meet the need for a more comprehensive and personalized fitness training option for special populations.

Andy Cameron is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer of Special Populations, Certified Sports Nutritionist from American Fitness Professionals & Associates.

Special Needs Populations Served

Down Syndrome Fitness

Fitness for Autistic Children

Adult Autistic Personal Training

Cerebral Palsy Fitness Training

Wellness & Fitness for Athletes

with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities

At Built on Bravery Every Body Is Our Priority.

Whether you’re looking to lose a couple of pounds, tone up, bulk up, or be ready for sport specific competition all year round, we have the tools to help you reach your goals. With over ten years of involvement with Special Olympics and working with other fitness professionals, the Built on Bravery team has developed strategies to turn what you may think is impossible into a reality. We offer the convenience of online coaching to eliminate the barriers of distance and transportation. One-on-one options provide individualized programs to meet your specific needs, challenges, and goals. Group training is also available for select programs.

Built on Bravery Certifications

  • Sports and Nutrition Certificate

  • American Fitness Professionals and Associates Certified Trainer

  • Certified Special Olympics Trainers

  • Certified in Personal Training of Special Populations

  • Unified Athletic Partner

Nutrition and Wellness

If you don’t have time to cook or don’t like to cook, it is easy to fall into unhealthy eating patterns. Built on Bravery has designed a strategy that allows you to eat, and then eat some more, while still achieving all your goals. We have a developed an easy to follow meal prep program to make your life a whole lot easier AND a whole lot healthier. Everybody knows getting your body to do what you want and look the way you want can be a struggle. That’s why the entire team at Built on Bravery is here to help.

Special Olympics Coaching Certifications

  • Golf

  • Bowling

  • Flag Football

  • Track & Field

  • Floor Hockey

  • Powerlifting